Help needed ...

My ISP switch has not gone according to plan, so I'm having to use a mobile hotspot. But there is a problem.

I have two computers, both reasonably recent Ubuntu, call them R and H. H can connect to the internet via phone wifi hotspot, but I also need R to connect to the internet.

I can connect R and H with CAT-5.

How do I setup R to access the internet?

My knowledge is seriously limited, so please be gentle with me.




Go to network settings on H, click the gear icon for the hotspot connection. Check the box "Make available to other users". Hit apply. Then go to your wired connection settings on H, click the IPv4 tab and choose "Shared to other computers". Apply. R should now be able to get an address from H.

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@don Saved to start on when I've done the urgent work that dropped into my inbox this morning ... thanks for that.

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