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I did it!

I had to edit the #u-boot thing, write my own module for #dracut, google all of the interwebz and bang my head against the table for four hours straight, but finally it's working :)

Unfortunately dracut diesn't show any output before I enter the password as of yet... But that is a minor issue, really.


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@thor I would absolutely use Google Assistant more if it responded in Majel Barrett's voice.

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i've got three useless passive PoE injectors. they deliver 24V because they're designed for Ubiquiti bullsh... equipment. the Linksys APs expect normal PoE, which typically operates around 48V and above.

my impression of Ubiquiti is that they aggressively try to lock you to their ecosystem. i don't think anyone who cares about open standards should be using their equipment.

what i'd like to see in the case of WiFi is support for clusters in OpenWrt. i believe it doesn't have that currently and it seems viable to do so.

a poor man's cluster can be created by putting a number of APs on the same SSID. perhaps there are WiFi routers and APs that can't do handoffs with the stock firmware that could do it with the right third party firmware. in theory, if the firmware can tell the WiFi radio to drop specific clients, that should make it possible to do handoffs. while there is an official standard for seamless handoffs, support for it is spotty and most clusters just pretend to be one big WiFi AP.

@robots Mozilla Corporation has been mismanaged, it's become bloated. Not to mention, they get the vast majority of their income from Google.

This is disgusting. "Buying shit will be way more gratifying than making an investment to protect your rights as a worker." They couldn't come up with anything less condescending than that?

@9to5linux my body can only handle so many keyboard shortcuts

@256 Time, Dr. Freeman? Is it really that … time again? It seems as if you only just arrived.


Go to network settings on H, click the gear icon for the hotspot connection. Check the box "Make available to other users". Hit apply. Then go to your wired connection settings on H, click the IPv4 tab and choose "Shared to other computers". Apply. R should now be able to get an address from H.

Running out of reasons to still have a Google account. I'm completely self-hosted. Only thing holding me back is . 🙄


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